Those that understand America’s economic system have found a way to maintain a successful wealth building process that enables them to attain all their personal goals and aspirations.

Individuals seeking financial freedom, or retirement must be willing to learn how to control their own economic development process. Gaining complete control of your economic development process will require you to modify your perception regarding the following: Time, Your Human Value, Income Production, and Assets. Changing your perception will open your mind to learn effective economic strategies that will lead you to your ultimate goals of success.

Many people who aspire to build wealth have failed to gain a complete understanding of America’s many forms of money, and how each form enhances daily exchange, trade and purchases.

A major part of building wealth is understanding that money has many forms: Cash, Credit, Assets Personal Tax Credits, Business Tax Credit, Contractual Agreements

In order to successfully build wealth, and gaining economic freedom, it is important to gain control of all these different forms of money.

Every successful wealth builder has a solid understanding of the economic components that constantly demand the dollars your earn regularly.

Economic components can be categorized into specific subcategories: Cash Management, Credit Management, Family Support, Tax Management, Asset Management, Lifestyle Planning, Estate Planning, Risk Management, Debt Management and Business Interest. Each of these categories can be measured by a specific dollar amount.

It is important for you to understand how each component effects your economic position.

When wealth is being structured and built successfully, all of your transactions and exchanges will be measured against time and numbers.

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